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    Our approach :
    Multi-tasking, Multi-disciplinary, Responsiveness, Availability, Skills, Efficiency, Values and Ethics



Multi-tasking, multi-disciplinary

- For each case, bringing together a team (usually a two-person team) with suitable skills for the situation,

- Being capable of dealing with both private law issues and public law issues, enabling the presence of lawyers with a background in both.

Values and ethics

- Respecting and defending the guarantees that lawyers’ professional ethics offer for the client: absolute professional confidentiality, an absence of any conflict of interests and, more generally speaking, the lawyer’s oath: “dignity, a conscience, independence, probity and humanity”.

- Applying a fair fee that is clearly determined from the outset, whether it is on a flat-rate basis, on an hourly rate, or partly commensurate with the result obtained.

- Working for a sustainable world, which entails making energy savings, particularly when travelling, and by systematically using electronic means of communication with clients and courts.

Skills, efficiency

- Ensuring the team’s cohesiveness and regular exchanges between its members,

- Affirming and updating the lawyers’ skills thanks to continuing training and monitoring of the legal sector, which everyone is required to carry out,

- Always giving preference to a pragmatic, clearly-formulated response rather than to an overly theoretical legal analysis.

Responsiveness, availability

- Maintaining the human scale of the firm, and human relations with the client,

- Giving priority to work that is well done, carried out on a customised basis,

- Adapting the implementation of human resources to the level of urgency of the situation and to the objectives set by the client.